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Sandak Wenna Barinam Numba Hata. Jagan Mohini [ Saraswathi Devi ]. Rathu Rosa Mal Unmadani. Neka Uyan Wathu Madin. Langa Inna Pathuwata Mata Lanwela. Kurutu Ga Gee Pothe. Gahaka Mal Pipila.

Sudu Pata Gawme Adaraya Badune. Sansun Hasun Gamana Willuda Depa. Nelanna Bari Durin Pipi. Visekara Arumaththi Nethin Katha Pawasanni. Sansare Aala Sina. This has been referred to as the dawn of the age of Aquarius. Various astrological traditions use different points of origin. Many ancient Indian astrologies, continue to also use ancient tables, ignoring their cumulative computational errors in positions of planets. In the Western system, the Sun sign was the constellation in which the Sun is located at the time of birth. The Year in the Gregorian calender has been defined to keep the equinox when the Sun is above the equator and moving North, to be on March However, since western astrology ignores about years of precession, there is a mismatch with the actual constellation of the Zodiac in sky.

In the eastern system the primary sign Lagna , is the constellation which is rising at the time and place of birth.

It changes about every two hours and depends on latitude. Eastern astrology also incorporates two mythical shadow demons Rahu and Ketu, at the nodes of the Moon's orbit, to swallow the Sun and Moon during eclipses. Although the interpretation of a horoscope is faulty, the chart is based on simple astronomy.

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Casting an astrological chart is therefore a learning exercise, for anyone with an interest in amateur Astronomy. I remember doing so in the early 's, and when it matched with that cast by the astrologer for her grandson, my aunt was very impressed. Since the mid 20th century Lankan astrologers have based their almanac on the Astronomical Ephemeris, published by US Naval Observatory, which I had used. Proper statistical analysis would show that, predictions have no more than random chance to come true.

Predictions are more often non-specific, so they can match many events, which are remembered if they are believed to agree, and forgotten if they don't. Some have told me that what was predicted, was what they were planning for future, at the time of visit, and not what actually happened. Astrologers make vague ambiguous statements, which are modified on the fly, based on the observed reactions or body language of the customer. People make connections, fill in the gaps, and then believe they have got an exact match. People often hear and read what they expect, not literally what they are told or is written.

Hathara Kendare – Shihan Mihiranga

Faith in astrology, like with any religion, can have a strong influence on individuals. I was once told that an astrologer predicted the future of a child who would become a famous painter.

In this case it was confidence building, and it motivated the mother to influence the child. If this kind of blind faith has always a positive influence, then it is not harmful and could even be beneficial, to build confidence. In a society with arranged marriages, comparison of horoscopes gives a diplomatic way if needed to say no to a marriage proposal. Unfortunately the same faith in astrology has prevented some persons from marriage e.


Senasuru apala. Faith has sometimes given over confidence to children expecting celestial help, who do badly at exams by not studying properly. In other cases persons are known to have died on the day predicted by astrology. Certain horoscopes of children are interpreted to be bad for the parents Hathara kendare palu. How was last 2 years. How is this year? What are your good times. What are the bad times. How to overcome the bad effects of planets and what are the inexpensive and simple remedies which will bring you good fortune. Finally, the details about Your health, finance, romance and marriage, ideal match, domestic environment, profession, lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colours and lucky stones.

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Hathra Kendare mp3 song of Shihan Mihiranga ,Hathra Kendare lyrics

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Hathara Kendare – Shihan Mihiranga

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