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Capricorn Love Horoscope. Capricorn Love.

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The Water sign brigade are ALL about feelings- they catch them a lot. Pisces isn't one of them though hello Cancer!

Pisces though is a total melt. The zodiac's fish is ruled by the planet Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea and all watery depths, and is like the magician of the solar system - representing illusion, imagination, creativity and bewitchment. Neptune holds sway over a mixed bag of human activity e.

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Crumbs, Pisces, you've got a LOT of hobbyist options there To get an idea of the classic Pisces personality traits and types, we need only to look to some of the most famous fishes: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore. These chaps all wear their heart on their sleeve and are, weellll, maybe a lil' bit craycray. Everyone loves having a Pisces pal because it's like having your own personal therapist. They just "get" how you feel, never judge, listen endlessly.

They are a deep well of human emotion and act like they've seen it all before. Nothing shocks them.

February 20 Zodiac

That said, they often end up crying more than you. Always tears with Pisceans. The world is a cruel place for them. Like moths to a flame, Pisces all have an interest in the spiritual, mystical, even occult, side of life. And, lucky them, they usually have a little psychic twinkle in-built at birth maybe that's where their great empathy emerges from.

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Your dad will always describe your Pisces pal as "the quirky one". Somehow it's like Pisceans don't really belong in the 21st century world, what with Tinder and FWB situations etc. They would prefer a more traditional age, being courted and wooed; one where our more base behaviours were perhaps easier hidden away For Pisces, out of sight is out of mind. They love to be in love, and don't like anything which shatters that rosy illusion and feeling.

Like Neptune's magician, Pisces can conjure up distractions and illusions around their true opinions, loyalties and even identity. They go with the flow, they can morph into the crowd.

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Capricorn Love and Sex

Daily Compatibility. Just having the Moon in an adventurous part of your chart at a time when there is so much romantic energy and chemistry in the air, is exciting.

Yet with the fallout from yesterday's adventurous Full Moon still playing out it, this is still daring to follow and trust your heart. This is energising forces across the romantic, adventurous and passionate fronts. Forecaster Your Forecaster details the movements of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars - known as the personal inner planets - that signify variations in your level of vitality and your feelings, what you value most as well the way you think and assert yourself.

Events therefore occur in differing ways according to the natal planet positions outlined in your birth chart.